Motorists reminded to drive safe in and around California school zones

Now that summer has started turning into fall, many area children are headed back to school. Law enforcement communities throughout California have started safety campaigns targeted at reminding motorists about some of the dangers that can arise if they are not alert when traveling in areas where children are present.

Many school bus passengers are injured in pedestrian accidents each year, while they are attempting to board or depart the buses. Motorists in the area need to pay close attention when by a school bus, because the children nearby may not behave as expected. They may fail to look both ways before running into the road, which can result in serious injuries should an accident occur.

Drivers following or approaching a school bus are not allowed to pass the vehicle if its red lights are flashing and stop sign is being displayed. They must wait until the bus starts moving again before the area will be safe. Motorists should also not pass other vehicles waiting for the bus, because children may be in the vicinity. Motorists can be ticketed if they do not follow these rules, which may carry high fines.

Parents can also take some steps to help their children stay safe. Before school starts, parents should sit down with their children and teach them some school bus safety tips. Tell them how important it is that they look both ways to be sure that traffic has stopped before entering into a street.

If children are walking to school and not taking a bus, parents should walk with them the first few days. This will help the children learn the safest routes to and from school, and can also make them more aware of potentially dangerous areas. Taking a few moments at the beginning of each school year can help both drivers and pedestrians become more focused on safety in school zones.

If you have a loved one that has been injured in a school bus or pedestrian accident, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney about your case. An attorney can explain the compensation that may be available, and help you move forward with claims against the responsible parties.

While it can be difficult to watch loved ones struggle to recover from these injuries if an accident happens, there are steps that you can take to ensure that they make a complete recovery. Be sure that before you agree to settle your claims, you have a clear picture of the injuries suffered and the depth of care that will need to be provided. Settling too soon could limit the compensation that may be available, which could place a financial strain upon your family.