Orange County Bike Accident Lawyers

A History of Success

Callahan & Blaine was founded in 1984 to tackle the most complicated of litigation cases. Since that time, we have obtained many seven- and eight-figure settlements for our clients, and have created a culture of excellence and winning at our firm. We pride ourselves on providing sophisticated legal representation that is strengthened by our use of extensive litigation preparation techniques, thorough case investigation, tried-and-true courtroom skills, and cutting-edge legal technology. Contact us through our online form or by calling 888-284-0809 or 714-241-4444 to set up an initial consultation.

California Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Some of the common problems that our Orange County lawyers help injured clients address include:

Since we began to handle personal injury cases such as these, we have obtained record-setting results that generated maximum value for our clients. Some of these include:

  • The largest personal injury settlement in United States history ($50 million). In a case involving bike lanes and claims against public entities, our experience and unparalleled litigation skills allowed us to help our clients get the compensation they needed to pay for their injuries and future disabilities.
  • The third highest personal injury settlement in United States history ($28 million)
  • The highest jury verdict in Orange County history ($934 million)

The high level of professionalism and preparedness that allowed us to obtain these results is the same as that is used to the benefit of all of our bike and motorcycle accident clients.

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