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When you or a loved one has been severely injured in an accident involving bike lanes, Callahan & Blaine offers representation from attorneys who are consistently breaking records and obtaining maximum compensation for clients. Our decades of complex litigation practice has given us the tools necessary to help injured clients recover from both negligent drivers and public entities responsible for bike lane marking and maintenance. Contact us at 888-284-0809 or 714-241-4444 or through our online form to set up an initial consultation with a member of California's Premier Litigation Firm.

California Bike Injury Lawyers

In California, the law requires that bicycle lanes be treated the same as any other traffic lane. Those driving motor vehicles must respect the right of way of bicyclists, and grant them the same ability to share the road as any other vehicle.

Despite these requirements, car and truck drivers often do not even look to see if bicyclists are present on the road. This can cause horrific accidents when a car or truck driver:

  • Swerves into a bike lane
  • Forces a bike off the road
  • Turns, moves through a bicycle lane and strikes a bicyclist
  • Opens the door of a parked car and hits an oncoming bicyclist

In these or other situations causing catastrophic injuries, our firm is well equipped to handle bike lane and bike crash cases. In order to get our clients the full compensation they are entitled to, we look not only at the liability of the negligent driver, but also at that of the public entity that manages the bike lanes.

In a case involving two joggers who were hit by a vehicle while jogging in a bicycle lane on the Pacific Coast Highway, we obtained the largest personal injury settlement in United States history ($50 million). The level of exhaustive investigation, aggressive representation and sophisticated trial preparation that we used in that case is same as that is used in each of our clients' personal injury cases.

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