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If you or a loved one has been severely injured because a car or truck driver failed to follow laws meant to protect bicyclists, you need to have California's Premier Litigation Firm on your side. Callahan & Blaine was founded in 1984 to provide sophisticated and effective representation in complicated commercial litigation. We now use the same type of aggressive representation, attention to detail and advanced trial skills that has generated success for our commercial clients to the benefit of our bicycle accident clients. Contact us at 888-284-0809 or 714-241-4444 or online to schedule an initial consultation.

Record-Setting Results

In addition to having the largest jury verdict in Orange County ($934 million), our attorneys recently obtained the highest personal injury settlement in United States history ($50 million) in a case involving bicycle laws and bike lanes. Two women were struck by a car while jogging along the Pacific Coast Highway in a bike lane. We used our decades of trial and litigation experience to leverage the public entity's failure to adequately mark the bike lane — for the safety of the joggers and bicyclists — into this record-breaking result. We also have obtained the third highest personal injury settlement in United States history, and have obtained numerous other seven- and eight-figure settlements for our clients.

California Lawyers Handling Bike Safety Cases

California has many different laws that are designed to protect bicyclists. Keeping bicyclists safe is so important, the state has created thousands of miles of bike lanes that are specifically marked to show that those riding bikes have an equal place on the road. For example, some of these laws require car and truck drivers to:

  • Pass bicyclists only when it is safe
  • Not force bicycles off the road
  • Treat bike lanes as any other traffic lane
  • Remain aware of traffic situations, including the location of bicyclists

When these rules are violated and the rights of bicyclists are not respected, accidents causing catastrophic injuries often result. Our experienced attorneys are able to use a driver's failure to follow these laws to add value to our clients' personal injury claims.

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